Vincent Adam for Aischdall Real Estate Development sarl
Project Manager - Luxembourg

Mariusz Aleksandrowicz
Project Manager - Poland

Gina-Gabriela Amzoiu-Dragne
Financial & Administrative Coordinator - Romania

Patrick Beckers for Readex sprl
International Executive Director

Attila Békés-Bajkay for BT-SYS Kft.
Project Manager - Hungary

Sandra Bertels

Eric Bloyaert for Batylore s.p.r.l.
Project Manager - Belgium

Zoltan Borbely for DMS Development & Management Solutions Kft
Country Director - Hungary

Ghislain Casimiro
Development Director - France

Dan Catalinescu for Mira Concept Design srl
Project Manager - Romania

Harry Chkolar for 3G Lux SA
Project Director - Luxembourg

Jean-Philippe Colin for JaliaC sprl
Project Director - Belgium

Sylvie Conreur
Assistant to CFO

Eva Darida
Controller - Hungary

Shena Debeyser 
Assistant - Belgium

Domino De Groodt
Legal Advisor

Pauline Dela Croix
Assistant - Belgium

Dominique Delmarcelle for DEDO SC sprl
Project Manager - Luxembourg

Thibaut de Poucques for DIPIFOR sprl
Project Director - Belgium

Juan de Terschueren for LOGIC INVEST sprl
Residential Sales Manager - Belgium

Vincent De Vos for VOX GROUP sprl
Project Director - Belgium

Anne Devleminckx
Assistant - Belgium

Ana-Maria Dinu
Assistant - Romania

Maud Dozot
Financial & Administrative Coordinator - Luxembourg

Sorin Dumitrascu for PFA Dumitrascu Sorin
Country Director - Romania

Damien Eloin
Chief Accountant

Manuel Fossoul for SECCI s.a.
Project Manager - Belgium

Vera Franceus
Administrative Coordinator

Didier François
Finance Manager

Emilie François
Marketing Assistant

Maarten Franssens for LNDMRK bv
Project Manager - Belgium

Sandro Fuso
Business Controller

Julie Goffaux
Assistant - Belgium

Mircea-Alexandru Grosu
Project Manager - Romania

Olivier Guilloteaux for Go Consult S.à.r.l.
Project Manager - Luxembourg

Olivier Hanocq for Scodim scs
International Executive Director

Martine Hardy-Dreher
Financial Controller

Imre Harmat for Hiland Kft
Project Manager - Hungary

Razvan Jiga for Razvan Jiga PFA
Senior Construction Manager - Romania

Nathalie Kahan for Clé de Voûte sprl
Project Director - Belgium

Laszlo Kis for BELM Kft
Development & Project Director - Hungary

Lili Lapis
Receptionist - Hungary

Coraline Larock
Accountant Assistant

Sven Lemmes for Weatherlight SA
Executive Officer

Pawel Lothammer MRICS
Country Director - Poland

Jean-Michel Malaise
Project Director - Belgium

Florentina Mitricoaia
Development and Leasing Manager - Romania

Philippe Muller for PHM Partner
Country Director - France

Axelle Mullers
Accountant - Belgium

Pauline Muylle
Assistant - Belgium

Alina Negreanu
Financial & Administrative Coordinator - Romania

Catalin Niculita
Development & Leasing Manager - Romania

Attila Olah
Project Manager - Hungary

Murielle Paquot
CEO Office Manager

Andrea Pataki
Financial & Administrative Coordinator - Hungary

France Petracin
Accountant & Group Treasurer

Michael Pfluger for devarch sprl
International Executive Manager

Renaud Pilibbossian for Run Project and Solution sprl
Project Manager - Belgium

Olivia Pires
Assistant - Luxembourg

Katalin Poócza

Project Manager - Hungary

Nikolett Püschl
Development & Leasing Manager - Hungary

Samuel Raskin
Accountant - Luxembourg

Maral Reghabi for Tailor UP sprl
Marketing & Communication Director

Carla Riglet
Administrative & Financial Advisor - France

Valérie Roels
Receptionist - Belgium

Martina Samu
Administrative Coordinator - Hungary

Marie-Pierre Siraut
Marketing & Communication Advisor

Hans Vandendael for Real Serendipity bvba
Legal Director

Gregory Van der Elst for JDK Consulting sprl
Country Director - Portugal

Bruno Vander Sande for REC sprl
Residential Sales Manager - Belgiul

Raphaël van der Vleugel for RDVD Sàrl S
Country Director - Luxembourg

Jean Vandezande for Wecap International S.R.L.
Commercial Director - Belgium

Valentin Verdes for Wave Management
Project Manager - Romania

Aleksandra Wojkowska
Financial & Administrative Coordinator - Poland

Abdelghani Ziou
Project Manager - France