Since real estate development is now so closely tied to new urban development strategies, ATENOR has become involved in environmental, societal and economic themes.

Environmental responsibility

Respect for the environment and sustainable development
As a responsible property developer, ATENOR intends to contribute to saving the planet. Beyond the standards and legislation in force, the Group proposes real estate projects which fall under a continuous progress of sustainable development: use of environmentally-friendly materials, energy drawn from the natural elements at hand (water, wind, sun)...

For ATENOR, this environmental friendliness is always closely related to a reduction of the operating costs and increased comfort for the users.


Social responsibility

Eager to provide suitable answers to the problems arising from urban development, from now on ATENOR is placing the accent on 4 fundamental axes.

An increased functional diversity for more user-friendliness
A user-friendliness factor, functional diversity makes it possible for city dwellers to experience the city differently. Well integrated into the urban fabric, it engenders a sociological diversity and supports inter-generational contact. From a macro-economic point of view, it also makes it possible to reduce intra-urban travel (mobility/pollution) and to ensure a dynamics for the city beyond office hours.

Urban density as the basis even for the existence of a city
For many town planners, increased urban density counts as one of the most relevant solutions for mitigating the problems with which large cities are confronted: mobility, insecurity, pollution... A well considered increase in density thus acts in favour of a better quality of life.

Public spaces conducting a private space/public space dialog
For ATENOR, public space is a fundamental element of urban dynamics. More than an open air meeting space, it is a link between private life and public life. An essential and incontrovertible link that contributes to the success of the renovation of a district.

Architecture with a meaningful direction
For ATENOR, architectural quality fashions an urban landscape and encourages everyone to respect their city, to live there, to work there and to stay there. The role of the property developer consequently consists of emphasizing this architecture in order to equip the city with this essential aesthetic attraction.


Economic responsibility

Attentive to its financial stability and future growth, ATENOR endeavours to create value by the implementation of a clear and largely diffused strategy. To shareholders who chose to invest in the property development sector, the company offers a diversification of risk, a specific approach to business and access to major projects. In this spirit, the Group intends to offer them a regular return on capital while ensuring the growth of the heritage value through the constant renewal of the portfolio with new projects.