In the centre of the Váci Office Corridor (at the north of Budapest) business district, one of the most dynamic of the Hungarian capital, ATENOR is developing an innovative office complex adapted to the requirements of the local market and meeting the most stringent environmental standards. The Váci Greens project is located on a large set of land (2.5 ha) along Váci út, one of the most dynamic business districts in Budapest. The Vaci Greens campus proposes 6 buildings totalling 120,000 m2 of office space.

Since the end of the construction of the first building in 2013, Váci Greens has become a real ‘success story’ on the Hungarian market. This 15,700 m2 building is fully leased and occupied by prestigious companies such as General Electrics, Sykes and Enterprise Communication. The second building is achieved and 100% rented to General Electrics. It was inaugurated on 17 June 2015. The third building, achieved in 2016, was sold to the Hungarian investment fund, OTP Prime Ingatlanbefektetesi Alap on 31 March 2017.

On 15 November 2017, ATENOR announced the forward sale of the fourth building to a Hungarian private fund. The building (“Vaci Greens D”) comprises 14,145 m² of office space, 1,502 m² of commercial units and underground parking for 260 vehicles. Scheduled for completion by the beginning of 2018, the building is already partially (25%) leased to Unilever and to retail traders.

The sale will close with the delivery of the building early in 2018.

A Business Campus

Váci Greens is the largest office complex built in Budapest between 2010 and 2013. It is one of the most ambitious ATENOR projects. Váci Greens is much more than a simple office complex - this major project also enriches the urban landscape with its sustainable buildings that comply with the most stringent environmental standards.  

When completed, the complex will be composed of 6 offices and services buildings, each one with underground parking on 3 levels, an esplanade and a public promenade for optimal movement between the buildings, for the greatest pleasure of the occupants.

At the heart of the Business District

An ideal location

Located in the heart of the Váci Office Corridor (north of Budapest), one of the most dynamic business districts of the Hungarian capital, the buildings of the Váci Greens project will be just two steps away from the Danube, along the prestigious Váci út boulevard and close to the metro line.


Direct access via public transport

Showcase of the new Hungarian dynamism, this district benefits from a well-adapted urban plan based on a harmonious and balanced mix of offices, shops and housing. Close to the Danube and the entry routes to the city, the Váci Office Corridor is conveniently served by public transport network.

Váci ut, 13th District, Budapest, Hungary

Office complex composed of 6 independent buildings

City View Tower Kft, City Tower Kft and Drews City Tower Kft (100 % Atenor Group)

Works manager
Atenor Group Hungary Kft

120,000 m2

Phase 1:

Building A : 15,700 m2

Building B : 25,300 m2

Building C : 19.000 m2


Phase 2:

Building D: 15,700 m2

Building E : 22,500 m2

Building F : 23,300 m2


TIBA Epitesz Studio Kft (Budapest) and Vikar & Lukacs Kft (Budapest)

General contractor
CFE Hungary (Building A)

Technical data
Breeam “Excellent” / Recovery of rainwater / Use of recyclable materials / District heating / Low energy lighting

Start of work
January 2011

End of work
Building A: completed in Q3 2013
Building B: completed March 2016
Building C: completed June 2015
Building D: estimated delivery January 2018


Country Manager

Zoltan Borbely for DMS Development & Management Solutions Kft

Project Managers

László Kis for BELM Kft

Imre Harmat for HILAND Kft